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Dr. Jennie Hwang Offers Two Courses at IPC APEX EXPO
Monday, January 23, 2012 | Dr. Jennie Hwang

Dr. Jennie Hwang will deliver two courses at IPC APEX EXPO 2012: PoP and BTC Assembly: Material, Process and Reliability and Preventing Production Defects and Failures.

In an effort to maximize yield and reliability, Dr. Hwang leverages on the confluence of her in-depth knowledge and real-world experiences to address current issues related to SMT production and newer package assembly during the conference by offering two half-day courses, PD-15 and PD-26.

PD-26: PoP and BTC Assembly- Material, Process and Reliability

Monday, February 27  9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

With the new and emerging developments in packaging and assembly, this course focuses on package-on-package (PoP) and bottom termination components (BTCs, e.g. QFN, LGA, MLF, SON, DFN). The important aspects of materials, techniques, processes, and reliability for both lead-free and SnPb products will be addressed. The industry trends and the evolutionary path of advanced packages, e.g. PoP and various BTCs, will be outlined.

The best practices of assembling BTCs and PoPs, including solder material, PCB assembly process, and rework, as well as the prevalent production defects and practical remedies, will be discussed. Applicable practices in solder paste deposition techniques (printing versus dipping) and halogen-free solder paste, as well as the renewed interest in vapor phase soldering and the optimal reflow profiling for lead-free soldering will be addresssed. The course also discusses solder joint reliability of PoP and BTC assembly and what it takes to make reliable solder joints. Attendees are encouraged to bring their issues for discussion.

Main topics:

  • Overview – semiconductor, packages, and assembly;
  • Advanced packages – new or emerging packages;
  • PoP technology – evolution, challenges;
  • PoP assembly – material, process, best practice;
  • PoP assembly – production defects and remedies, rework process;
  • BTC (QFN, LGA, MLF, SON, DFN) – challenges, material, process;
  • BTC (QFN, LGA, MLF, SON, DFN) assembly – production defects and remedies;
  • BTC (QFN, LGA, MLF, SON, DFN) solder joint – rework optimization;
  • Halogen-free solder paste – best practices;
  • Solder paste printing – paste rheology, stencil design, and performance;
  • Solder paste dipping – paste rheology, process parameters;
  • Reflow techniques – convection versus vapor phase;
  • Reflow profiling for lead-free assembly – best practice, optimal profile;
  • Solder joint reliability of PoP and BTCs – fundamentals;
  • Case studies – reliability of PoP and BTCs; data versus performance criteria; and
  • Attendee issues.

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