NEPCON Japan 2014

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1. Tanaka Denshi Kogyo (Specialty metal supplier in Japan) 1/8
The supplier has rolled out a new heat-resistant aluminum alloy bonding wire, “TALF,” that features higher reliability and equivalent conductor resistance.

2. JEITA (Industry organization in Japan) 1/10
The organization has released the second edition of the Guideline of Reliability Certification for automotive semiconductor ICs.

3. Rohm (Major device manufacturer in Japan) 1/10
The manufacturer has created the Kyoto Fuel Cell Alliance for solid hydrogen fuel cells with 16 other companies. Several prefectures also support the alliance.

4. Toppan Printing (Major printing company in Japan) 1/14
The company has built a new manufacturing line of thin FC-BGA substrates at its Niigata plant. Operations will begin before the end of 2014.

5. Sharp (Major electronics company in Japan) 1/16
The company has unveiled new 70V/60V touch panel displays, called “Big Pad,” that feature smooth touch.

6. Yano Research (Market research company in Japan) 1/21
The company estimates the global market size of automobile network devices to hit 219.2 billion yen in 2013, 464.8 billion yen by 2020.

7. SEAJ (Industry organization in Japan) 1/22
The organization announced the December book-to-bill ratio of FPD manufacturing equipment was 0.42. Shipments increased 131.2%, but orders decreased 19.7% from the same month of the previous year.

8. ASE (Major packaging material supplier in Taiwan) 1/23
The supplier expects a 10 to 15% revenue decline in the first quarter due to wastewater trouble. Orders have been shifted to SPIL and others.

9. LG Electronics (Major electronics company in Korea) 1/22
The company has rolled out a new smart phone, called “G Flex,” that features a 6” curved OLED panel for the Japanese market.

10. Stratasys (Printer supplier in the U.S.) 1/23
The supplier, in cooperation with a local stationary store, will open a Production Lab in Fukuoka, Japan. 

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