Sony Divests VAIO PC Business

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1. Hitachi Maxell (Major electronic material supplier in Japan) 6/12

The company has developed a new thin film sticky tape that is 25 microns thick and makes expensive touch screen materials recyclable.

2. Panasonic (Major electronics company in Japan) 6/12

The company has developed a new polypropylene resin “Full Bright” with high light reflection rates for LED light source applications.

3. Nippon Sheet Glass (Major glass material supplier in Japan) 6/16

The company has developed ultra thin glass papers down to 20 microns thick as the separator materials of fuel cells and next generation secondary batteries.

4. Toray (Major material supplier in Japan) 6/17

The company has developed a high sliding textile material based on the fluorinated fiber “TOYOFLON” for motor and generator applications.

5. JDL (Major display manufacturer in Japan) 6/19

The company has been preparing the volume production of the touch sensor embedded LCD panels for high resolution tablet PCs.

6. Panasonic (Major electronics company in Japan) 6/20

The company has developed a new plastic resin recycling process that separates three kinds of resins from mixtures with a higher speed than traditional process.

7. Tokyo University (Japan) 6/23

The university has developed a new low-cost manufacturing process to construct LED display modules on glass substrates.

8. Tohoku University (Japan) 6/24

The company has developed a new nanocrystal base soft magnetic material that will reduce electric power loss significantly.

9. Showa Denko (Major chemical company in Japan) 6/25

The company has completed the expansion plan of a high purity gas supply network for semiconductor manufacturers in Asia.

10. Philips (Major electronics company in Netherland) 6/25

The company has entered the street lighting market in Japan by launching the LED lighting device “GreenVision Xceed”.

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