1H Performance of Global PCB Industry

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1. Sumitomo Electric (Major cable manufacturer in Japan) 8/7
The manufacturer has developed an ultra-small wireless power supply module for wearable devices, replacing wired coils with flexible circuits. Thickness: 0.25 mm.

2. Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (Major manufacturer in Japan) 8/11
The manufacturer has begun a room-temperature wafer bonding service for 3D devices such as MEMS and biosensors. It covers various wafers other than silicon.

3. OKI Group (Major electronics company in Japan) 8/18
The company has commercialized a new large scale screen mask washer capable up to 1,400 mm square for the manufacturing process of FPDs, touch screens, PWBs, etc.

4. Fujitsu Group (Major electronics company in Japan) 8/18
The company will begin operations at the Akisai Vegetable Plant, a 100% closed agriculture pilot plant in Aizuwakamatsu.

5. KOMORI (Equipment manufacturer in Japan) 8/22
The manufacturer has unveiled a new high-resolution gravure offset printer for the manufacturing process of touch panel screens. It is capable of 30 micron L/S and 5 micron mesh.

6. Toshiba (Major electric & electronics company in Japan) 8/22
The company has began the pilot plant operation of a binary generation system consisting of wind power, solar energy, and biomass.

7. ASE (Major packaging firm in Taiwan) 8/26
The firm has agreed to co-develop new MEMS devices with Bosch using wafer level packaging. They have already developed the world's smallest acceleration sensor.

8. Tohoku University (Japan) 8/26
The university has co-developed a new all solid state lithium-sulfur secondary battery with Mitsubishi Gas Chemical. The battery will have extremely high energy density.

9. Tokyo University (Japan) 8/27
The university has developed a pure organic material that changes electric conductivity and magnetism at the same time. The material could generate new switching devices.

10. TDK (Major device supplier in Japan) 8/26
The supplier has developed a new reliable Piezo actuator with 75% electric/mechanical coupling coefficients for automobile applications. It works in high temperature up to 170°C.

11. Mitsubishi Material (Major material supplier in Japan) 8/27
The supplier has developed a new fluorine recycling process for electrolytic solutions of lithium ion batteries.

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