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Beaulieu: Frankly, it think this will be good for companies like ASC. Speaking of which, this is your chance to tell me why companies should come to ASC for their PCBs.

Vardya: We are willing to work on some of the weird requirements that our customers have. We are easy to deal with. We have a wide breadth of technology and in this ever changing world of electronics someone that is using simple boards today may find themselves using significantly more complex boards as time goes on. We have seen a number of our customers suddenly realize that the technology they are using today will not meet the needs for their future. We are there to support you when your designs go thru this transition. We are also solution providers--we are willing to use our vast product knowledge on particular solutions for a customer’s specific issue.

As Application Engineering Manager John Bushie likes to say, “We don’t get customers to fit into our box; we work on expanding our box to provide the customers a solution.”

Gordhan Patel, our founder, has ensured that we are one of the few companies that is investing in people, technology, and equipment. All three are critical and it's important to have owners willing to do it. We always have the future in our sights. We are about building an enterprise that will last.  

At the end of the day, we believe in long-term relationships with customers--as opposed to a transactional relationship.

Beaulieu: Anaya, thanks for talking with me today. Do you have any last comments?

Vardya: Absolutely. First and foremost, I would like to emphasize that people are extremely important in this business and I'm proud of the ASC team for everything it has achieved. Over the past five years we have significantly transformed the company. The management team and associates at ASC have been critical. Our supplier partners and our customers have been instrumental in helping us succeed. As time goes on we will continue to transform our business.

Beaulieu: Thank you very much for taking the time to update us on ASC.

I think American Standard represents a classic model for what board shops should be doing to not only maintain a foothold in the industry, but grow as well. The company is hiring good sales professionals, doing some marketing, attending trade shows, and investing in technology. These are the ingredients to success in our industry. I can only hope other companies will read and learn from them.

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