Camtek Receives Orders for 34 Systems From 5 Leading CMOS Image Sensors Manufacturers

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Camtek Ltd., today announced that it has received orders for 34 systems for 2D inspection of CMOS image sensors from five leading manufacturers, of which 25 are from two customers.

Most of the orders are expected to be installed during the first half of 2020.

These orders strengthen Camtek’s position in the 2D inspection field with the EagleT and newly launched EagleTPlus thereby maintaining the company’s position as a leading expert in the inspection of CMOS image sensors.

Ramy Langer, Chief Operating Officer, commented, “Cameras are one of the most critical differentiating components in today’s smartphones. The increased number of cameras in smart-phones, smaller pixel size and the emerging 5G, which drive new smartphone manufacturing, are setting new requirements and standards for the inspection of CMOS image sensors. Our longstanding expertise in inspection technologies designed specifically for the CMOS image sensors market, makes the EagleT and EagleT Plus the ultimate inspection tools for this market.”

Rafi Amit, Chief Executive Officer, added, “I am very pleased with the strong start of 2020. These high-volume orders, together with other orders we have recently received for other applications, signal a positive change in the trends in our market, demonstrating the growing demand for inspection and metrology equipment and improving our visibility for the first half of 2020.”



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